Norstar Phone System Cards

Norstar Caller Line ID Card (NT7B75AAAF)Norstar Caller ID Trunk Card provides 4 LS/DS(Loop start, Disconnect Supervision) Trunks with Caller I.D. NT7B75AAAE, NT7B75AAAF CALL ID TRUNK CARD for MICS/CICS Nortel Norstar Phone System.

Features: Capability to detect and translate incoming CMS/CLASS information from the central office for display and use on Norstar station sets. Supports disconnect supervision. Provides access for up to 4 central office lines.

System Requirements/Compatibility: Compatible with the Norstar Modular and Norstar Compact ICS.

This Caller I.D. card is necessary when ordering caller I.D. from your telecom provider. Also can be used in the Norstar 12x0 Copper and Fiber trunk module. The modular design by Norstar makes it easy to upgrade telephone lines when office expansion is necessary. There are two ways to view the CMS/Class of service provided by the telecom provider. In programming you can either see the name or number calling. Depending on which is more efficient should determine the order the information is provided. Another benefit provided in programming is the ability to have certain telephones show the outside CMS/ClASS information. If there are certain telephones that don't require this feature simply don't enable the service. Norstar flexible programming makes customizing your system simple.


Manufacturer: Nortel

Brand: Norstar

Item part number: NT7B75AAAF, NT7BAAAE, NT5B41

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Norstar LS/DS Line Card

The Norstar LS/DS card(NT7B75) is used to add 4 incoming lines to your Norstar Modular ICS (MICS) & Compact ICS (CICS). The Loop start/ Disconnect Supervision allows for the Norstar system to identify the lines from the telecom company and provide the disconnect feature so not to have hung calls on each line. This card does not have caller ID display. Compatible with the CICS, MICS, 12x0 fiber and copper.


Manufacturer: Nortel Networks

Name: Norstar LS/DS Line card

Item part number: NT7B75



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Norstar DTI Trunk Card

The Norstar Digital Trunk Interface card (T-1) NT7B74 provides 24 digital channel T1 IDSN connection. Requires Service/Clock card NTBB24 or Norstar 6 port fiber combo cartridge NTBB25. Adds 24 incoming digital T1 lines to your Norstar MICS system. This Norstar T-1 card provides access to 24 digital T-1 or ISDN-PRI channels. It has a built in Channel Service Unit to support the integrity of the digital signaling. This Norstar T-1 card goes into slots 3 or 4 in the core Modular ICS Ksu. The new T-1 card(NT7b74aaaa) can be installed into the 12x0 fiber trunk module.


Manufacturer: Nortel Networks

Item name: Norstar DTI T-1 card

Part Number: NT7B74, NT7B74AAAA


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Norstar 6 Port Combo CardThe Norstar 6 port fiber combo expansion card(NTBB25GA) is for the MICS Modular Integrated Communication System. It allows the expansion of lines and/or stations via the 12X0 fiber trunk module, 0x8 or the 0x16 fiber station modules for Modular ICS systems as well as providing the clocking source for the T-1/Digital Circuit provided by the telephone company.

The Modular ICS control unit will support up to 2 T-1 for Digital Trunk connection, and this card has the T-1 clock card built in. By adding this card you are gaining not only six ports of expansion but also the hardware necessary for adding a digital T-1/ PRI. Without the clocking source installed in the Norstar system the T-1 Digital circuit would not work. Depending on the size of the configuration, this card goes in either slot 1 or 2 on the MICS KSU. When purchasing this card you are getting two cards for the price of one. Ideal for those companies requiring maximum expansion along with a digital circuit.


Manufacturer: Nortel Networks

Part numbers: NTBB25, NT8825

Item name: Norstar 6 Port Fiber Combo Card

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All Norstar products are guaranteed for 1 year.

 6 Port Expansion CardThe Norstar 6 Port Expansion Card NTBB06GA is used to add 6 extra connections to the Modular ICS Cabinet so that you may connect expansion modules, such as the Norstar 12x0 fiber trunk module or Norstar 0x16 fiber station module.


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Norstar 2 Port Fiber Expansion -Norstar MICS Expansion Card

Norstar MICS Expansion Card NTBB02-93The Norstar 2 Port Expansion Card (NTBB02GA) is used to add 2 extra connections to the Norstar Modular ICS Cabinet so that you may connect 2 expansion modules, such as the Norstar 12x0 trunk module or Norstar 0x16 station module. Fits into slot 2 (a half-width slot) of the ICS - the other half width slot (slot 1) is reserved for the Services Cartridge Maximum 1 per system Compatible with the Norstar Modular ICS only. If you needed extra lines or telephones on the base unit(Modular ICS) then you would add this expansion card to accommodate those requirements.

Manufacturer: Nortel Networks

Item Name: Norstar 2 port Fiber expansion card

Part Number: NTBB02, NT8802, NT8b02

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